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Project | 01


#Web Mapping

#Climate Change

Project | 01 The Effects of Climate Change on Treeline in Denali, Alaska​

Project Link;    YouTube Link


My contributions:

1. Classified the land use chang by looking at satellite images in ArcGIS

2. Performed random forest analysis to investigate the vegettion change control variables in R

3. Designed the visualization webapp. Communicate between physical geographers and developers. 

4. Created most of the maps and images. 

Project | 02



#Climate models

#Geographic projections 

Project | 02 The Impact of Geographic Coordinate System on Weather Numerical model​

Github Link


My contributions: 

1. Generated R code to automatically download higher rasolution satellite data and replace the default input in weather model. 

2. Made the automatic conversion between different datums in R. 

3. Modifed Python code to create a ArcGIS toolbox to read NetCDF format data.

Project | 03


#Spatial - temporal analysis


Project | 03 Where and When is the Geospatial Revolution?Spatio-temporal analysis of a Penn State MOOC

My contributions: 

1. Cleaned the data to filter out the unicode records

2. Stored the data into PostgreSQL

3. Helped to visualize MOOC students spatial-temporal patterns in Torque

Project | 04

#Data Mining                            



Project | 04 Data Mining to Predict Methane Emissions​

Github link


My contributions: 

1. Cleaned and processing all data in R

2. Compared results between linear regression, neural network, K-nearst neighbor and tree.


Project | 05

#ArcGIS model builder                           

#Greenhouse gas emissions


Project | 05 Mapping methane emissions from Marcellus Natural gas industry

Project link; 


My contributions: 

1. Collected more thant 600 GB data in one year

2. Using ArcGIS model builder to estimate methane emissions from pipeline, wetland, compressor stations and wells.


Project | 06

#ArcGIS model builder                           

#Greenhouse gas emissions


Project | 06 Flood risk Analysis for Phildalphia

Presentation link;     Github link


My contributions: 

1. Developed ArcGIS toolbox

2. Cropped files and created maps

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